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F Bradley and Sons have a wide variety of beautiful alpines available which are ideal if you would like to add some colour and variety to your raised beds, plant pots or troughs.


Though they are small, most alpine varieties are tough. All dwarf growers; they are plants which grow between trees and unmelted snow.


Alpine Perennials are slow growing, long-lived and low lying with hard leaves to help resist the cold. Alpines have a short but abundant flowering period, only flowering during the summer months, however many varieties of alpine have adapted and can grow in very cold and windy climates.


Often snow-covered for long stretches of time, alpines have to cope with ample amounts of water but they only need minimal care. The majority of alpines flourish when they are planted in very stony or sandy soil which has been well drained. They look their best when planted in upraised beds, troughs or containers in front of a stony background.


Alpines can be grown easily in most gardens so long as they are exposed to maximum sun and sheltered from the rain. If you are considerin planting alpines in your garden, they should have plenty of sunshine, poor soil, good drainage and  protection from the rain.


If you would like to find out more about Alpine Perennials and the range available at F Bradley and Sons, please      contact us.

Our variety of beautiful Alpine Perennials blend beautifully into any garden


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F Bradley and Sons have a wide variety of beautiful alpines available which are ideal if you would like to add some colour and variety to your raised beds, plant pots or troughs.


The list below is a guidance of the plants that we stock, however it is not an extensive list, so if you would like something particular, please get in touch as we are likely to have it in stock.

Alyssum montanum  Luna

Alyssum saxitale Golden Ball

Anacyclus depressus Silver Cushion

Arabis caucasica Compinkie

Arabis caucasica Lotti Deep Rose

Arabis caucasica Lotti White

Arabis caucasica Pixie Cream

Arabis caucasica Snowfix

Arabis Spring Charm

Arenaria montanum Avalanch

Arenaria purpurascens

Armeria Ballerina Red

Armeria Ballerina White

Armeria juniperifolia Alba

Armeria juniperifolia Bevens variety

Armeria Nifty Thrifty

Aubrieta Doctor mules variegata

Aubrieta Gracillis Royal Blue

Aubrieta Gracillis Royal Red

Aubrieta Gracillis Royal Violet

Aubrieta Hamburg state park


campanula carpatica Blue Clips

campanula carpatica White Clips

campanula garganica major

Chiastophyllum oppositifolium

delosperma congestum Golden Nugget

Dianthus Annette

Dianthus Inshriach Dazzler

Dianthus La Bourbrille

Dianthus Neon Star

Dianthus Night Star

Dianthus Pop Star

Dianthus Rebekah

Dianthus Red Dwarf

Dianthus Shooting Star

Dianthus Starry Eyes

Dracocphalum rupestre

Erinus alpinum

Erodium manescavii

Erodium x variabile Album

Erodium x variabile Bishops From

Erodium x variabile Flora Pleno

Erodium x variabile Roseum

Eryingium planum Jade Frost

Eryingium planum Tiny Jackpot

Gypsophlla cerastioides Pixie Splash

Gypsophlla repens

Helianthemum  ben Fhada

Helianthemum  Ben Morh

Helianthemum  Fireball

Helianthemum Jubilee

Helianthemum Wisley primrose

Iberis semperviens Golden Candy

Iberis semperviens Masteriece

Iberis semperviens Pink Ice

Iberis sempervirens Snowflake

Lewisia hybrida Sunset Strain

Lithodora diffusa Grace Ward

Lithodora diffusaBlue Star

Lychnis alpina

Phlox   subulata Emerald cushion blue

Phlox  subulata Kimono Pink White

Phlox  subulata Mc Daniels cushion

Phlox  subulata Snowflake  

Phlox subulata Amazing Grace

Phlox subulata purple beauty

Phlox subulata Zwergenteppich

Pulsitilla vulgaris

pulsitilla vulgaris Alba

pulsitiller  vulgaris Pinwheel White

pulsitiller vulgaris Pinwheel Blue Shades

pulsitiller vulgaris Pinwheel Red Shades

Saponaria hybrida Bressingham

Saxifraga arendsii Peter Pan

Saxifraga arendsii Pixie White


Sedum Middendorffianum var striatum

sedum oreganum

Sedum spurium Voodoo

Sedum Variegatum


silene uniflora obin White Breast

Thyme citriodorus Andersons Gold

Thyme Doone Valley

Veronica christy

Veronica umbrosa Georgia Blue

Viola odorat Konigin Charlotte

Viola odorat Reine de Nieges

Viola odorat sulfur

Viola sororia Albiflora

Viola sororia Freckles

Viola sororia Rubra

Alpine Perennials

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