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We currently raise and produce 75% of the bedding plants within our nursery

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From our early days, we realised that we needed to be in control of as much of the production cycle as possible. Plans were drawn up, a germination room propagating glasshouse was built and heating, benching irrigation and lighting systems were installed.


We currently raise and produce 75% of bedding plants within our nursery, the remainder being purchased from selected young plant producers. All alpine and herbaceous species which are seed raised, are germinated and grown here at the nursery.

We start sowing in late January and continue sowing until September. We have a number of carefully selected alpine and herbaceous specialist plant producers from which we purchase cutting raised young plants, tissue culture raised stock and bare root stock.


We start potting new alpine and herbaceous stock in February; this early potting will be set under cover for protection against late winter wet a'snd cold weather, before being moved outdoors in spring.


From April, all alpine and herbaceous stock potted will be set directly outdoors. All stock growing outdoors for sale the following spring/summer is moved back into multi-span poly tunnels for protection against any winter rain.

This is a time-consuming job, but as we use no herbicides for weed control on growing stock, this also gives us the opportunity to check over and remove any weeds.


At F Bradley & Sons we understand the importance of protecting the environment. Therefore, we do not use any herbicides and for the control of pest and disease on the nursery, we integrate traditional chemicals with biological control methods.


First and foremost, there must be a clean growing environment devoid of all disease and pests. To achieve this, we cleanse all beds and benches before each new crop, ensure good air movement through crops and pay particular attention not to over water.


In 2014, we used two biological products on all alpine and herbaceous stock to protect against black vine weevil larvae.